Application Policy


Westside Christian Academic Daycare offers training  for children beginning with Kindergarten up through 8th.

Kindergarten classes are open to those who are five years old respectively by December 1st.  The Daycare administration may make an exception on a case by case basis.  An interview plus signed conditional agreement is mandatory for all exceptions.

ALL required application papers must be on file before Daycare begins.

Application and book fees must be paid IN FULL BEFORE DAYCARE BEGINS.

IMMUNIZATIONS must be current and on file at daycare along with a BIRTH CERTIFICATE before daycare begins.  This is mandatory by the State of California Health Department.


A complete PHYSICAL EXAMINATION is required for any child entering 1st.  The physician's health report must be on file before entering 1st.  A blank copy can be obtained from the office.

All children entering 7th, must complete the following:

      - TDAP

These must be turned into the office before Daycare begins.

Daycare Payment Policies


For your convenience, the annual application fee has been divided into “10” monthly payments.  Each monthly payment is due on the first of every month, beginning in September and ending in June.  There are no exceptions allowed for legal or daycare holidays or when daycare is not in session.

Note: Monthly Bills are not mailed.
Cash and Check payments are accepted in the
office, or you can pay online through FACTS.

~ A $30.00 late fee will be assessed if bill is
   paid after the fifth of the month.

~ Failure to respond to a 30 day late notice will
   jeopardize your child’s attendance.

~ If the account goes past 60 days, you may be
   asked to withdraw your child from the

~ Checks returned unpaid by your financial
   institution will be subject to a $25.00 fee.

~ Failure to cooperate with the administration
   may produce an automatic dismissal!

~Extended Care bills will be mailed out one
   month after service and is payable on receipt.
   Extended Care services WILL BE REFUSED
   if balance is 60 days past due.

~ Any Extended Care services rendered outside of
   the specified Daycare hours will incur extra



Westside Christian Academic Daycare

is a ministry of Desert Highlands Church

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