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Welcome to Westside Christian School

Making an impact by enriching our students' educational experiences.


2024 - 2025

Teachers Desk

Why Westside Christian

Westside Christian offers each student an education experience that helps them develop the skills necessary to succeed.  At WCS we are interested in your child and his/her development through the stimulation of their growing minds.  School has become a synonym for daycare.  WCS believes that your child needs more than daily care.  Each child enrolled at WCS will grow personally, spiritually, and educationally.  We here at WCS count it a privilege to teach and train each student to be prepared for success.  We look forward to sharing in your child's future.

WCS and You

In a climate where education and student development are losing ground to progressive ideology, you can know that Westside Christian wants the best for your student.  It is great that there are all kinds of methods out there to entertain oneself.  Entertainment will not prepare a child for life.  At WCS we are committed to imparting with your child an education they can depend on. Call now!

Below are some quick links, check out the ALL NEW School Tool Box link for student supplies.


Upcoming Events

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